The Unicorns πŸ¦„

My first experiment with co-creating a group based on emotional proximity and peer support.

Why are we doing this?

To practice building emotional proximity and provide support to each other.

To learn experientially about running a pod.

What are we doing together?

There’s four of us. We’re meeting bi-weekly for a 1h30 recorded call via Zoom.

We agreed on four calls plus a "retrospective" call at the end to review our experience and decide on the next steps (and if there are any). We scheduled all five calls in advance to simplify scheduling.

How do our meetings look like?

  • Opening Activity

  • Check-In

  • Sharing Rounds (4x15 min)–each of us can ask for any kind of support they need that day (eg. brainstorming, holding space, advice etc.)

  • Check-out

The roles of the facilitator and note-taker are rotating. We planned them in advance.

What do we do apart from the calls?

We’re documenting the process in a shared google folder with the following documents:

  • Log: macro overview of the process as it is unfolding (πŸ“” see here)

  • Session Notes: detailed notes from each session

  • Format: the structure of the calls (πŸ“” see here)

  • Strategic Objective: our shared intentions for this experiment and values we hold dear

We're communicating in-between sessions via telegram, although we don't have any specific interaction format.

We're uploading the recordings to youtube and set the videos to unlisted.

How did we start?

We arranged an initial call, between the three of us (one couldn't attend) to share intentions and check if there’s a potential to start this project together. It seemed like a good fit, so we arranged another call, this time between the four of us. We discussed the intentions and talked about the format of the calls, but we run out of time. We set up another call to decide on the format, and then moved on to scheduling the "regular" sessions.


We're two couples, both working together in the personal development space. We share a lot of interests, such as playful movement, healthy eating, nature and outdoors, to name a few.

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