The Circle ⚪️

Simple sharing circle with my housemates

Why are we doing this?

To build a deeper bond between housemates and make our co-living experience amazing.

What are we doing together?

There’s four of us living together. Every Sunday we gather for what we call ”The Circle” where we share about our past week and what’s in our minds and hearts. The process lasts around an hour.

How does The Circle look like?

We sit down in a circle, with a small bird figurine to use as a ”talking stick”. 🦜Whoever feels like starting grabs the bird and shares for as long as they wish and then they pass the bird to another person.

The circle continues for as many rounds as feel like it’s needed–until we don’t have anything else to share.

We then spend a moment talking about any practicalities of living together (eg. shopping arrangements, things around the house that need to be done etc.)

What do we do apart from the calls?

We don’t have any set practices, but there are a few ”rituals” that seem to have emerged organically in our household:

  • Welcome each other with a hug in the morning. I’ve noticed in my previous flat’s that after the initial excitement of living together, the hugs tend to disappear. And that’s a shame–we all need physical touch.)

  • Give a good-night hug.

  • Working out together. Silvia and I have our daily yoga practice and one of our flatmates is joining us for his own workout in the same time.

  • Dancing together in the evening. It’s not something we do every day, but Silvia and I always play music while dancing and practicing hand-stands which usually brings one of our flatmates into the living room to dance with us.

We also have a messenger group for asynchronous communication and sharing photos.

How did we start?

When we started to live together we took some time to discuss what kind of household we’d like to create together. Silvia and I introduced the idea of the Circle, and both of our housemates resonated with it.


The first round of the circle is usually internally focused. As we go deeper into sharing we end up going down the gratitude spiral, which feels deeply bonding and uplifting for all of us.

In one of the circle, one of us said that it really feels like we created a home together. And it certainly feels this way.

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