Growing Food 🌱

I feel it's an essential GameB skill to cultivate, yet my current experience level is zero.

Two days ago our neighbors brought us a small box of tomatoes from their garden and 2 tomato plants. The tomatoes tasted incredible. The tomato plants made me realize that I have absolutely zero idea about growing my own food. They now stare at me and ask to be planted. I guess I should take the first step, instead of letting them die, right?


But how does one even start?

I've spend a day helping out a man in Japan who grows award-winning tomatoes, but I'm pretty sure that I'm not looking for that level of expertise at the moment. Instead, I'd like to find the most hassle-free way of growing tomatoes with a minimal barrier of entry, so I can start (ideally) today, learn experientially from day 1, and (hopefully) successfully grow a single tasty tomato. Just enough to prove to myself that I can do it.


30 May 2020: We’re adding mint to our garden.

25 May 2020: The plants seem to be growing. I’m also noticing, that it’s probably going to be a long time until I’ll have something worthwhile to log here...

21 May 2020: We finally plant our tomato plants (which we call Tom & Jerry) into their new home. Somehow it feels very symbolicβ€”a transition towards embodying the GameB ideals.

Oh... And it turned out that Tom is actually a sunflower 🌻. Surprise!

19 May 2020: I create this whole section and decide that I want to learn how to grow tomatoes. Or at least give it a shot. No expectations.

17 May 2020: I received two tomato plants. My food growing experience is zero, but I am freaking good with building habits. Let's see what happens.

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