Manifesting ✨

Calling in some of the infinite abundance, so I can multiply it and send ripples.

I've decided to cut the crap and make the following happen. If it's within your power to help me, then please let me know.

(All wishes in present tense for ultra manifesting powerz.)

  1. I'm a steward of a beautiful land in Pico Island (or New Zealand, why not?), with a forest and an ocean view. I live in a peaceful tiny house, get my food almost entirely from the food forest, and put my heart into catalyzing a beautiful community.

  2. I'm spending a lot of my time sailing, between the islands of the Azores, as well as to/from the Azores. Also: I'm being gifted a sailboat. Buying stuff is oldschool. There's so much abundance in the world, and I'm sure there is a sailboat out there that awaits me, so we can co-create transformational experiences for people.

  3. I'm co-running a performing arts & events company in Pico with my close friends. We're using art as a language and reach the souls of locals (natives and expats) and travelers in this wonderful place and bring variety to the cultural scene.

  4. My digital business is fun, simple, flexible, cheap-to-run (to reduce pressure to bring more money – I want to work less, not more), and brings enough to cover my needs, while I work on drastically reducing the amount of money I need (by growing my own food, and living in a tiny house).

You can track my progress through my Moonly Reviews and documentation projects.

If you feel the calling to support my work and send some financial energy my way, you certainly can:

👉 One-off contribution via Buy Me A Coffee

👉 Recurring contribution via Patreon.

Thank you for being wonderful.


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