Art Residency @ Casa do Arte

Documenting my very first ever art residency.


The primary objective of my art residency in Casa do Arte is to create a fundraising event including a performance co-created with a local community, and a display of artwork from local artists (including myself).

The money collected during the event would fund activities of a new performing arts & events company in Pico island, established as a result of Pico Community Summer Gathering.

The secondary objective is to discover and establish an online stream of funding to support my artistic career. This is by nature a more exploratory project. I would consider it a success if by the end of my residency I have earned €100 from artwork sold via digital channels. This can include one-off purchases and/or recurring-payments alike.

The third objective is to document my art residency and share it as an ongoing, "building-in-public" process online in my digital journal and twitter. Ideally, I'd also like to streamline my documentation process, by integrating Obsidian with Gitbook, to make it more effortless for future documentation.


The Art Residency has no set deadline yet, however I'd like to complete the primary objective by the 15th of August 2021.

The Challenges

The main challenge is connected to distributing my time and energy between microsolidarity work in Pico, online business activities (Year of Practice, JournalSmarter, The White Log, habit coaching), and being available to sail as much as possible with a local skipper. Sailing is my number one priority this summer.

To make sure I make necessary time, I'm going to experiment with extreme flexibility combined with elite habit building.

To achieve extreme flexibility I need to resist the urge to commit to anything in advance, in order to be able to make decisions on the day. Since sailing depends entirely on the (completely unpredictable) weather, I need to maintain a free calendar, as much as possible.

To employ elite habit building, I need to create anchored spaces of non-negotiable self-commitment to my art residency related work.

The first iteration of a tiny habit I'm committing to daily is to open Obsidian and read the objective section of this very document. My hypothesis is, that reinforcing my objectives daily will keep my subconscious mind engaged, so I can move my work forward, even if I don't have time during the day.

The Minimum Viable Habit that I'm aiming at maintain as often as possible, is 1 hour of deep focus time before breakfast for creative output. I prohibit myself from using internet for purposes other than music, creating documentation on Gitbook, and publishing artwork (eg. on Medium), before and during this time.

I'm going to use my journal, The Minimalist Journaling System and Cards to log my journey, stay accountable, and keep moving forward like an unstoppable bulldozer on my commitments to myself, while maintaining the feeling of fun, spaciousness and creative abundance.

I'm going to review my progress on this art residency (in terms of objectives and mechanics) during my weekly reviews, as well as my public Moonly Reviews.


Check out this twitter thread for regular updates from my residency.


Performing Arts & Events Company

As a part of my community catalysing work in Pico, as well as this art residency I'm co-creating a performing arts / events / experiences company. Here's the documentation ‡️

Artwork Created During Art Residency

In chronological order.

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