There are a few people we really need to thank ๐Ÿ’›.

We donโ€™t exist in a vacuum and weโ€™ve been super lucky to come across some amazing people who helped us (knowingly or not knowingly) to get where we are right now.

Here are some of them.

Daniel, thanks for helping with all things tech. Youโ€™re an absolute star of a programmer.

Joe, thanks for empowering us to start coaching.

Jane, thanks for being the very first person we helped with their journaling practice and business.

Fran and Manel from Better Work Together, thanks for introducing us to the idea of online facilitated workshops. It was a game changer.

Liam from Astralship, thanks for the laughs, and connecting us with so many amazing people.

Minori from Dana Village, thank you for the time we've spent together and sharing your wisdom with us.

Rich, thank you for Microsolidarity.

Irem, Pascal, Josh, Bea, Carro, Phillip, thank you for co-creating our first microsolidarity experiments.

Jon, Marsha, Felicity and the whole team from Freedom Machine, thanks for giving us the crystal clear path to follow and the necessary push whenever we needed it. 100k Club, thanks for your support along the way.

Chris, thanks for your precious advice.

Marta, Alex, Joรฃo, thanks for your friendship.

Daniel, Annia, Jess, Simรฃo, Lucia, Charley, Amanda, Jean-Daniel, Austeja, and our entire Pico Community, thank you for your friendship and proximity.

Uli, Beatriz, Leonie, Merle, and Barbara, thanks for showing up to our first online facilitated courses. And Uli again, thank you for always being there for us!

All students of our courses, thank your for all the magical moments of relational growth we've experienced together.

Enspiral Community, thank you for being awesome, inspiring and incredibly helpful.

Derek, Paul, Scott, Tim, Conor and Britany, Anne-Laure, Matt, Tim, Seth, Peter, thanks for ongoing inspiration and mentoring us without even knowing.

Manuela, Eunice and Alberto thanks for your continuous and unconditional support in everything we do.

You, thanks for being here.

Everyone who we didnโ€™t name (that would be a veeeery long list), thanks for being a part of our lives! We love you.

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