Other Projects

People within our community already run numerous projects. Here are a few of them.

Organic Farming & Syntropic Agriculture

Pretty much everyone in Pico grows their own food. People withing our community grow food without using chemicals and interact with locals to show that this is not only possible, but also very much in demand.

O JarDim

An open space hosting events, classes and projects – hosted by Jean-Daniel. The space is designed to attract local community.

Regular classes

Drop by for wushu, tapdance, yoga, singing, facilitated by a world-class professional. 1€ per class.

Jardim das Ideias

A local activism group (in Portuguese) bringing locals together to create better living conditions in Pico.

Chamarita Dance Group

Weekly meetings to dance the traditional dance of Pico, mixing local and expats.

The Pico Studio

A non-profit, community based project with a focus on creative expression, permaculture and living a hearty, conscious life.

Casa do Arte

An artistic space and museum in construction, hosting work-away volunteers.

Music, Singing & Dance

The island has a very strong community of musicians and there are numerous opportunities to play together.

Azorean Stories

A community project collecting inspiring stories of the amazing island people of Pico, Faial, SΓ£o Jorge, Terceira, Graciosa, Flores, Corvo, Santa Maria and SΓ£o Miguel.