Our Congregation

Bird's eye view of our community.

At the moment our community is small enough to operate as one unit.

We expect that with time the amount of people will grow, and we’ll split into smaller groups (pods) for particular projects, with the congregation acting as a “dating pool“ to connect, pitch ideas and find people to launch projects / pods with.

We're growing our congregation organically, starting with developing emotional proximity before jumping into projects. With that in mind, there are already quite a few projects happening within the community.


Congregation Map

Here’s a visual representation of some of the projects and pods happening within and on the fringes of our congregation.

Inclusivity by Design

It's usually a similar story:

Travelers / tourists discover a beautiful place. Many fall in love. Some decide to live there. Very few take the step to learn the language and integrate with the local community. As the foreign community grows, the need to connect with the locals diminishes and the gap widens until the only points of connection are supermarkets, accommodation and tourist companies.

We'd like our community to bridge this gap and be fully inclusive—both for foreigners and locals. We don't have it figured out yet, but it's a strong desire.